49 L Sale For Dudes Sale #6 Begins!

Here is a list of stores that are participating in the 49 L Sale For Dudes Sale Event #6. The sale started on May22 and last until Sat May 28th, midnight SLT. It’s a week long event.

This is the last sale that will be run by me (myvegancookbook Bolissima). Thank you to all the wonderful avatars who came out to shop and find some savings during the 6 sales that were held. After this sale Rob1977 Moonites will be taking over from here and keeping the sale alive, in what form I don’t know.

Acid & Mala Miau Creations
American Bazaar
Shiki Design
GATO (item not out yet)
Sonic Death Monkey
SF Design
Animations Rising
22769 Casual Couture

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